Generalization of Tooltips

Case studies with South African sign language video for Deaf users for the Mozilla Firefox Browser

Tooltips assist users to understand icons better. When hovering over an icon with the cursor, a short text description of the icon appears. Text-based tooltips are helpful for users without any literacy limitations . This project therefore generalizes tooltips for users with low text literacy due to disabilities and impairments with the use of video and audio tooltips for the Mozilla Firebox Browser. As a case study to explore such generalization, video based tooltips will show short South African Sign Language clips to assist those who use South African Sign Language as a mother tongue. When the user hovers over an icon, a video will appear with a short description of the icon in South African Sign Language. We intend to abstract tooltips to also provide audio-based tooltips, for users with language barriers, reading disabilities and those who are visually impaired. When hovering over an icon, a short audio description of the icon will play. Both audio and South African Sign Language video based tooltips will be prerecorded. Through a web extension called Tooltip Assist, users will be able to select a tooltip preference for their Mozilla Firefox Browser for audio-based or video-based tooltips. This web extension will provide audio-based and video-based tooltips for the eleven default tooltips of the Mozilla Firefox browser and will serve as a help guide for users to gain an understanding of what function a specific button performs.