submitting day: 4th, November of 2009

In any object recognition system, there are two major problems that need to be solved, that is detecting an object and recognizing an object in a scene, therefore the quality of the number plate detector is vary important, since the recognition subsystem uses the location of the number plate as a reference point when querying the car database.

Working Distance Testing

The video material above take from UWC campus, the video data below take from UWC main gate.

Testing Result

Shotting Angle Testing

If shooting angle close to 60 degree(above Figure) , the last three digitals looks like no space in between. So we can not find correct number plate. The same things in the working distance test when the vehicle very far from camera . If the vehicle very close to camera (less than 1 M) , we can not detect the correct number palte as well, because the amount of pixels between two digitals will exceed limit value we use in the project to identify number plate.

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