submitting day: 4th, November of 2009

In any object recognition system, there are two major problems that need to be solved, that is detecting an object and recognizing an object in a scene, therefore the quality of the number plate detector is vary important, since the recognition subsystem uses the location of the number plate as a reference point when querying the car database.

An introduction to number plate detection

The aim of this project is to develop a number plate detecting system that locates’ and extract number plates from a video. We must detect a single-frame in a video. The result is a purge number plate bitmap; it can be fed to recognition system.

How does it work

use two times segmentation method to detect number plate. First segmentation should be rough location of plate, just locate a region which have the number plate. And then use edge detection and projection process carry out “finally locate”.



   UWC computer science