Intelligent Systems Group
Computer Science Department
University of the Western Cape

South African Sign Language

The intelligent systems group is involved in a large research programme dealing with various aspects of South African Sign Language (SASL). Available projects include the following:

Recognition of SASL

Unlike spoken languages, where the acoustic signal is usually treated as a single information source, signed languages are conveyed by means of three distinct modes of communication: facial expressions, static hand gestures and dynamic hand gestures. Projects are underway to create subcomponents that deal with recognition of each of these modes.

This project will involve combining these components and integrating them, along with standard speech recognition components such as pronunciation dictionaries and language models, into a complete SASL recognition system.

Understanding/translation of SASL

Signed languages are full-fledged natural languages that are as linguistically complex as spoken languages. For this reason, automatic translation for SASL is every bit as challenging a problem as it is for spoken languages.

This project will focus on automatic translation between SASL and English, as well as generating semantic interpretations of the output of the SASL recognition system.

Last updated: July 2002
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