Project Infomation
A more indepth look into the system

The conductor of an orchestra is one of the most important people on stage when the orchestra is performing and at one point or another most people has pictured themselves conducting a Symphony. The problem is that there isn’t always money available to go for courses to learn how to conduct and thus developing an interactive system that will allow the user to do so would be helpful. Another reason for developing this system is to get the general populace more interested in classical music by giving them some insight into the elements of the music form specifically focussing on conducting.

The user interacts with the system using the mouse to select the different options available as well as a webcam which will enable the user to actually conduct as if they were standing in front of a real orchestra. The method of learning is by means of application.

Some of the feature the application will support is to detect and recognize different gestures performed by the user via the webcam and alter the characteristic of the music accordingly. For instance if the user wants to increase the volume of an ensemble, he/she performs the correct gesture in order to achieve this result. The system is also expected to give a brief description of music theory but it is left to the user to acquaint themselves with this knowledge as it is not the purpose of this project.