Project Sign Wiki

Video Annotation Sign Language Wikipedia

Don't forget to check the Demo of the project here. This prototype still has bugs.

Test the interface and functionality of the application.

NEWS & Updates

October 2009

The sign wiki finally has a synchronized channel for the caption. Test the annotated videos in the wiki..



The sign wiki was built using Chisimaba This PHP5 framework comes with a variaty of E-learning tools.

The media player used in the sign wiki is JW player, The worlds number 1# open source flv player.


Other Tools

Sign Maker

Pic 1

Javascript Dojo

Pic 2
  • CDN Dojo Allows so much to be done on the client side


The sign wiki

Pic 3

Updates occur once a week, depending on my progress


Pic 4

The customized api that was written for rendering SignWriter notation inside the caption will be available soon.

JW Player

Pic 5

JW player 4.5 is currently available for download. go to logntail to get the update.