The field of study that my project is concerned with is known as Image Processing. This is one of the fields that's closely related to Computer Vision. Image Processing is any form of signal processing for which the input is an image. The output is either a set of parameters or another image. Image Processing focuses on 2D images and how to transform an image from one form to another. This kind of transformation is made possible by pixel-wise operations such as edge detection.

Aquariums currently display a large number of various kinds of fish and visitors regularly desire to know more about a particular kind of fish. Visitors can currently obtain this information by asking either an expert or by scanning through the documentation in and around the aquarium.

However, information may not be readily available at times. Therefore it is desirable to create a system that allows such information to be readily available in an interactive manner. The project aims to develop a system that uses a video stream of a wide range of fish as its input. The user then clicks on a particular fish and the system then classifies the fish and displays information about the fish accordingly. The system aims to give users an enjoyable and educational experience by allowing them to interact with the system via the click of a mouse. This project is scalable enough to incorporate functionality such as a touch screen in order to improve interaction and enhance the user experience.