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A bit of information on the Project - SIP-based IM application on Mobile devices

The Goal of the work

The goal of was to investigate how to develop SIP UAC/S that communicates kiara to and fro another UAC/S and in so doing for setting up and tearing down multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over the Internet. To accomplish this, a focus on how to implement UAC/S following a basic waterfall software model life-cycle is carried out. This is based on the deployment of the “kiara” over a wireline network.

We will attempt to make calls, register user accounts, listen to calls, and other features; playing the user and administrator roles. The experience gained by analysis will suggest improvements to the system; hopefully provide valuable knowledge and insights into further development.


In conclusion, this thesis has careful shown in a systematic order a software development life cycle (SDLC) from the stages of requirement gathering, analysis and the implementation process.It starts by introducing the subject matter; seamlessly explaining the requirement gathering stages while illustrating the URD, RAD, User and Programmatic IS.

Furthermore, it took time to thoroughly analyze the concept of OO of both HLD and LLD while focusing on answering research question, that the thesis tries to answer is, “Can a SIP UAC be built to create session with another user agent client through a SIP server such as the “kiara”?”. The discussion took us through classes and their relationships, functions, dictionary, state diagrams. Also, algorithms, pseudo codes and provided sample section of the actual implementation plus function documentation.

In the end it investigates SIP-based IM applications on mobile devices by discussing the use of SIP UACs on mobile phone and PC while in a network with a second PC that has “kiara” a SIP server installed and configured on it. This provides the much needed argument of a working product as a result of this SDLC.


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