Web-Based Instant Messaging

Web-Based Instant Messaging

Project Plan

This is the road map of the project.
Term 1: In term 1 I downloaded flex 3 SDK and flex builder (IDE). I also started and completed project plan and project analysis documentation. Finally, I presented the project analysis section of this project to the department.

Term 2: In this term I will identify the User Interface specification, design the user interface and design the prototype for the system. I will also continue with learning flex programming, try simple flex project and code and test the interface of the system. And finally present the project design and development to the department.

Term 3: In this term I will code the back-end of the system, integrate it with the interface and test the system. Finally present the project implementation to the department.

Term 4: In this term I will implement and present the system to the department. Term 1 project Plan, Term 2 project Plan, and Term 3 project Plan

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